During your stay at El Retiro, you’ll discover plenty of things to do in Baguio City. El Retiro is just a few minutes away from Baguio’s most popular tourist destinations, shops, and restaurants. It’s a great place to start exploring the city’s attractions. But if your idea of “what-to-do-in-Baguio” is more geared towards the culinary experience, here’s a list of the most popular Baguio restaurants for a one-of-a-kind gastronomic adventure!

21 Classic Homegrown Baguio Restaurants

Agara Ramen 

Agara Ramen is a ramen bar that offers umami as well as classic and authentic ramen bowl favorites in Baguio City. Watch as the chef whips up the ramen of your choice in front of you. So, if you consider yourself a professional noodle slurper, you just have to make a pit stop at Agara Ramen. 

Address: Engineer’s Hill

Amare La Cucina 

Amare La Cucina lets you experience the old-school way of cooking Neapolitan pizza in the traditional wood fire brick oven. You might even get a chance to toss your own pizza dough! Amare La Cucina also serves pasta that’s made from fresh ingredients, wood-fired ribs, and their very own homemade gelato at Monte Gelati by Amare.

Address: E L’albergo Hotel

brick fire oven pizza

Balajadia Kitchenette

Balajadia Kitchenette has a thriving local culinary scene that features home-style Cordilleran, Ilocano, and Filipino fare. Dishes served in the carinderia are Filipino comfort food at its best. Expect the Balajadia Kitchenette dining experience to feel like home. 

Address: Slaughter Compound

Cafe by the Ruins

Since the 1980s, Cafe by the Ruins in Baguio has been serving both locals and tourists. The cafe is housed in what was once Baguio’s first garden theater, making it a perfect spot to experience “Old Baguio” when it comes to food and art. Cafe by the Ruins changes its menu every few months to feature the freshest ingredients in season. 


Cafe de Angelo

Cafe de Angelo is a quaint countryside coffee shop that wishes to do away from the fast-paced, stressful city life. Travelers, both local and international, visit the cafe simply to enjoy everything the place is about – great food, great coffee, a great ambiance – the lazy Sunday kind in a garden cafe. 

Address: Chapis Village


Chaya Baguio is a Japanese restaurant that serves exquisite Japanese dishes in a cozy-homey atmosphere. Fresh sashimi dishes are served every day. Apart from the usual salmon and tuna sashimi, Chaya also serves tamago (tamago), uni (uni), and squid sashimi.

Address: Legarda Road

Canto Bogchi Joint 

Canto’s menu is primarily American with a little bit of everything. They specialize in American comfort food such as burgers and thick steaks, but they also provide Asian, Filipino, and other regional family favorites. Canto Bogchi Joint’s Lomo Ribs, one of their best-selling dishes, is perfect for meat aficionados.

Address: Kisad Road

50’s Diner Baguio

Experience the ultimate blast-from-the-past roller skating foodie experience at 50’s Diner Baguio. They serve burgers, sandwiches, rice meals, steaks, fresh fruit shakes, ice cream, and more. When in Baguio, it’s always a good idea to enjoy their iconic strawberry, americano, or vanilla milkshakes.

Address: Military Cut Off Road

facade of 50s diner

Good Taste Café & Restaurant 

Next on our list of homegrown Baguio restaurants is Good Taste Cafe and Restaurant. It is one of the most popular places to eat in Baguio City because of its large servings and delicious food at a relatively affordable price. From rice meals to pansit, soups, mami, bread, and desserts, their extensive menu is sure to have a plate to fit your appetite, perfect for family gatherings and casual occasions.

Address: Otek Street

Hill Station 

Hill Station’s robust dishes blend the spicy flavors of Asia’s mountain towns with the tastes of Old World Europe and New World America. Listed as one of Asia’s finest restaurants by the Miele Guide, the Hill Station is a proper introduction to the cultured palate of the city. 

Address: Upper Session Road

Lemon and Olives Greek Taverna

Lemon and Olives is Baguio’s first authentic Greek restaurant housed in a charming and cozy Baguio country house. They offer an extensive menu of Mediterranean dishes, including moussaka, the classic baklava, soutzoukakia, lamb giouvetsi, and more. 

Address: Outlook Drive

the interior of a restaurant

Luisa’s Cafe 

Luisa’s Café, one of the city’s oldest restaurants, is a popular spot for local journalists, media personalities, and Baguio locals who like to sit and chat over breakfast, siopao, or noodles. Locals love the café because of its Chinese menu. Their famous handmade noodles are made fresh every day and supplied to a lot of restaurants. 

Address: Session Road


Since 1971, Mario’s has been serving excellence every day. Why? Simply because it’s Mario’s Way. The traditional Spanish fine dining restaurant has become an experience, touching people’s lives and helping create memorable moments in each dining experience.

Address: Loakan Road

Oh My Gulay 

Quaint and uniquely set in an indoor tropical garden, Oh My Gulay is Baguio’s pioneering vegetarian restaurant and an art space for emerging talents from the Philippine Cordillera. The restaurant is owned by the internationally acclaimed artist Kidlat Tahimik

Address: Session Road

the interior of a restaurant

Rose Bowl

Rose Bowl Steakhouse and Restaurant offers excellent Chinese and American cuisine with the freshest of Baguio’s bounty. Established in 1969, this restaurant has become a Baguio landmark.

Address: General Luna Road

Sizzling Plate

If it’s sizzling steaks you’re craving, Baguio’s trusted steak restaurant will give you exactly what you need. You’ll get to top that meal off with their famous sans rival or leche flan. Sizzling Plate, which opened in 1978, has become a popular hangout for tourists and Baguio residents looking for great steaks at a reasonable price.

Address: Session Road

a face of a restaurant on the street


As a home-grown Filipino restaurant established in the 1970s, Solibao Restaurant is a treasure trove for the locals. One can even call it a Baguio staple. Solibao is well-known for Sunday lunch dishes like kare-kare, sinigang, lechon, and more. Their merienda classics like pancit palabok, la paz batchoy, vigan empanada, puto bumbong, puto at dinuguan, and more are equally scrumptious.

Address: Session Road and Burnham Park

Teahouse Restaurant and Bakeshop 

Tea House Restaurant and Bakeshop is a restaurant known for its rice dishes, pancit dishes, pastries, and cakes, especially the famed streamline cakes. One must-try is Chona’s Delight – a delectable layered sponge cake with a luxurious and comforting chocolate and cream ganache. 

Address: Session Road and Burnham Park

The Farmer’s Daughter Restaurant

Farmer’s Daughter Restaurant at Tam-Awan Village is a restaurant that serves you the taste of Cordillera. They serve comforting traditional dishes like Etag (smoked pork cured with salt), Kinuday (smoked meat), Pinikpikan, Pak-pako (edible river fern) salad, Pinuneg (pork blood sausage), and Kindot (grilled meats), all for an affordable price. Each meal is complemented by servings of fresh vegetables and greens.

Address: Tam-awan Village